Welcome to Sprott!

The faculty and staff at the Sprott School of Business are committed to ensuring the first year of your undergraduate degree is memorable. Know that we are here for you. In order to support you, we will continue to update this page with links to opportunities and websites we feel are valuable to you as you navigate through your first year with us. Start your Sprott journey now!!

Carleton Dates and Deadlines

Visit the Carleton Registrar’s Office website for a list of 2020-2021 Academic Dates and Deadlines.

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Academic Orientation Day (AOD)

Academic Orientation Day (AOD) is free and mandatory for all new undergraduate students. This year, Academic Orientation will follow a blended format that includes a CuLearn course that compliments Sprott events. The information provided during AOD is specific to each student’s faculty and department and is a great way to prepare you for your academic career.

Watch the AOD recording

Academic Advising

Still have questions? We encourage you to reach out and connect with our Undergraduate Program Development and Outreach Coordinator, Rhonda Kelly at rhonda.kelly@carleton.ca.

You can also reach out to our Undergraduate Academic Advising team for help.

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The Student Success Officer, Maria Walt, works 1-on-1 with Sprott students and is always ready to hear about your experiences (both successes and struggles). Then she will work with you to identify programs, services and initiatives that will help ensure your success, in or out of the classroom, from your first year to your final year as a Sprott student.

Learn more about how our Student Success Officer can support you! 



The virtual Sprott Undergraduate Student Lounge is a place for all Sprott students to connect remotely. Similarly to the physical Sprott student lounge, this video call is available for students to enter 24/7. Use this space to meet other Sprott students and feel connected to your Sprott community, whether you are in Canada or around the world.

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Sprott Connects

Sign up to connect with an upper year Sprott student with Sprott Connects, while still practicing social distancing! Virtual meetings will help ensure you stay connected to the Sprott community whether you are in Ottawa, somewhere else in Canada, or all the way around the world!

Business Career Management Centre (BCMC)

In September, you will be working closely with the Sprott Business Career Management Centre (BCMC) and we are available to Sprott undergraduate students and can help you with:

  • One-on-one employment/career advising sessions
  • Career development workshops
  • Industry-led seminars
  • Targeted resume and cover letter preparation and review
  • Interview preparation
  • Industry connections and networking events
  • Liaison services to Sprott student clubs, societies and alumni

We look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you!

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Employability Passport

You will be required to register for BUSI 1995: Employability Passport.
Take the time to read up on the Employability Passport and how it will help prepare you for your future career!

Virtual Sprott Swag

We’ve created some virtual backgrounds and wallpapers for your phones and laptops to help everyone feel the #Sprottlove.

Check them out and download your favourites for free!

Introducing Sprott Learning Pods

Sprott students can get recognized for their efforts and experience collaborating with their peers outside of the classroom. Complete the following form to register your Learning Pod. As a pod, you can collaborate and study to meet course objectives, and or use your time to brainstorm and develop ideas.

Register your Sprott Learning Pod

Sprott Clubs and Societies

Looking to get involved in the Sprott community? There are many Sprott clubs and societies to be a part of! See what each one has to offer.

Course Outlines

Can’t find the course outline on CULearn? We have a list of BUSI course outlines, by semester.

CU 1001

Do you want to learn more about the services and programs at Carleton this summer? CU 1001 is a free online bundled mini course experience that will prepare you for your journey as a future Raven.

Registration is open now!

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Registration for courses

Registration is now open! Refer to our Registration Tips for First Year Sprotties before your time-ticket opens.

Don’t forget to register for BOTH Fall and Winter semesters.

Online Learning Support

The world has changed a lot since March 2020, but one thing remains the same, Carleton University is here to support you throughout your studies. Your success is still of the utmost importance to us and our student support services and resources are now available online to support you during this time.

Learn more at https://students.carleton.ca/online/

Carleton Student Services

Carleton’s Student Services website is where you’ll find things like the Student Experience Office (SEO), International Student Services Office (ISSO), Paul Menton Centre (PMC) for Students with Disabilities, and Health and Counselling Services.

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