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The Sprott School of Business works to address community and global challenges through our innovative programs, interdisciplinary research and collaborative partnerships.

At Sprott, we seek and value partnerships with business, government and community organizations in the development of talent and knowledge to drive innovation and create positive economic impact.

A diverse group of MBA students sitting around a large table carrying multiple conversations.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Experiential learning provides students with real world perspective and further develop their skills in communication, analytical thinking and responsible management, among others. Opportunities include: addressing challenges through in-class projects and student consulting, developing case studies, supporting case competition teams, social innovation, entrepreneurship, and more.

We are seeking partners for our Project-Based Learning program, where teams of students solve real problems for real clients as the Sprott Student Consulting Group. Students acquire practical experience, enhance their management and leadership skills, and expand job market networks. Partners benefit from the innovations of top students and access to a diverse talent pool of entrepreneurial-minded students.

Talent Opportunities

Our talent partners access a broad pool of candidates with diverse backgrounds. Develop future talent through opportunities, such as co-op and internships, brand awareness, and more. Visit our employers page to learn more.

Research Opportunities

We partner with community organizations, government and industry to co-create knowledge and insights that foster innovation and more responsible business policy and practices. Explore research at Sprott.

Let’s Connect

Connect with us to explore collaborative opportunities!

Mawuena Torkornoo
Manager, External Relations

Sprott School of Business
Carleton University
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