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Partner with Sprott to Build Your Future Workforce

The team in Sprott’s Business Career Management Centre work with you one-on-one to connect you to the right talent to build your workforce and achieve your succession planning goals. Our services are provided at no cost.

Why Recruit from Sprott?

Sprott students and graduates have the skills and competencies to address the complex challenges facing business and society today. Their exposure to a diverse range of experiences and perspectives develop well-rounded individuals who are creative, highly motivated and compassionate.   

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Recruit Co-op & Internship Students

BCom Talent

Hiring a Sprott co-op student creates a positive business-education partnership as well as an investment in your future. As your organization looks to grow, adapt and innovate, consider the skills, perspective and energy that Sprott BCom students bring. BCom students are available from 4-8 months each term.

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BIB Talent

A Carleton International Internship is an opportunity for a student to extend their academics and expertise into the global working world. An internship can offer more flexibility for both the organization and the student while tailoring towards both party’s needs and parameters. BIB students must complete an international exchange and/or an international internship in their third year.

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Sprott MBA interns offer a valuable resource to your organization. They are academically strong, highly motivated individuals who possess in-demand skills that include communication, analytic rigour, problem solving and teamwork. Sprott MBA students are diverse in their educational backgrounds, work experience, languages and cultural awareness.

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In order to satisfy the program requirement, a minimum of 480 hours (equivalent to 14 weeks at seven hours per day) is required. Please note that this is the minimum requirement and MAcc students in the full-time stream are available to work full-time from September to April. Nearly 100% of students complete 8 month work-terms. Students in our part-time stream study in the evenings and are therefore available to work full-time throughout the program (September to August).

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