Five of six Sprott PhD candidates and participants in the National Capital Region Thesis Competition and Poster Session. From left to right: Ali Nazari, Tasnuva Chaudhury, Nada Elnahla, Vivi Zhang, and Steven Guo.

On Wednesday, September 25, 2019, six students in Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business PhD in Management program took part in the National Capital Region Thesis Competition and Poster Session, hosted by the University of Ottawa. In addition to Sprott, graduate students from the Telfer School of Management and the University of Quebec in Outaouais participated in the competition.

The competition is designed to provide a unique opportunity for business students in the National Capital Region to feature an aspect of their research that is innovative, from the perspective of business transformation. Students were given 10 minutes to present their thesis followed by a question and answer period, with poster sessions in between presentations.

From the Sprott School of Business, three students were selected as winners. Vivi Zhang won 2nd place in the oral presentations, taking home $1,500. Steven Guo and Nada Elnahla won 2nd and 3rd place in the poster session, taking home $300 and $200 each.

Congratulations to our Sprott PhD students for their hard work and participation in the third annual thesis competition program for universities in the National Capital Region. A special thank you to Sana Mohsni, Associate Professor of Finance, for her role as a competition judge, and to Dean Dana Brown for announcing the competition winners.

Thesis talks:

‘Assessing the cybersecurity risks derived from anomalies in the network data and software architectural problems’ – Ali Nazari, PhD Candidate

‘Immigrant Inclusion in the Workplace’ – Vivi Zhang, PhD Candidate


‘Retail Consumers Are No Boiled Frogs’ – Nada Elnahla, PhD Candidate

‘Political Connection Around the World’ – Steven Guo, PhD Candidate

‘Career Resilience in Relation to Life Satisfaction: Mediating Effects of Indicators of Career Success and Work Stress’ – Tasnuva Chaudhury, PhD Candidate & Jade Han, PhD Candidate

Sprott PhD candidate Nada Elnahla (left) and her winning poster ‘Retail Consumers Are No Boiled Frogs’, with Leighann Neilson, Associate Professor of Marketing at Sprott.

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