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Nada Elnahla

PhD Candidate
    Degrees:PhD in Comparative Literature (Cairo University), MA in Comparative Literautre (Alexandria University), BA in English Literature (Alexandria University)


    Area of Research: Marketing.

    With her academic background in the field of English Literautre (specifically narratology, cultural memory, auto/biography, contemporary women’s writings, the contemporary novel, aging, and animated films), Nada Elnahla is working on briding the worlds of literature and management. She is currently working on Brand Narratives and how to link the literary school of narratology with advertisement.

    Supervisor: Leighann Neilson

    Refereed Conference Proceedings: 

    Elnahla, N. Isis and the Mutilation of a Nation’s Memory. Nov. 2016. Proceedings of the Twelfth International Symposium on Comparative Literature, University of Cairo.

    Refereed Journal Publications:

    Elnahla, N. From Europe to Baghdad: A Narratological Reading of Two Frankensteins. Dec. 2016. Journal of Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University.

    Elnahla, N. Aging with Disney and the Gendering of Evil. Feb. 2015. Journal of Literature and Art Studies, 5, (2), 114-127. DOI 10.17265/2159-5836/2015.02.004