BCMC Event

BCMC hosts many career events for business students throughout the year. From employer information sessions to BCMC’s acclaimed triple etiquette series, these events are designed to give you the skills and connections to start strong in your career. At Sprott, these events are open to students in all years.

Listed below are a few examples of the events we offer:

Employer Sessions

BCMC hosts business employer recruiting events on campus throughout the year. Representatives from companies and firms  of all sizes will stop by to answer your questions about their organization’s career opportunities, what they look for in prospective candidates, and application procedures. Check out the BCMC events calendar on mySprott in Carleton Central.

Triple Etiquette Series

First impressions really matter. How you look and how you act influence employers and recruiters willingness to hire you. BCMC’s Etiquette Series is teaches you the fine details of how to conduct yourself professionally to make your best impression.

  • Business Fashion

Before you even speak to an interviewer, they’ll look at how you’re dressed because it says something about you. You don’t have to dress ultra-chic or in a way you’re not comfortable with, but learning how to dress your best and look professional goes a long way helping you climb the career ladder. During this interactive session, a professional image consultant will walk you through how to dress for success, from styling tips to examples of what attire is appropriate for different workplace environments and professional scenarios. You’ll have to opportunity to ask a lot of questions. Read more about the BCMC Fashion Show.

  • Networking Workshop

Everyone knows the old adage: “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Finding a job after graduation depends so much on your personal network and the connections you make while in school. But simply showing up to a networking event is not enough. Learn the ins and outs of networking such as how to introduce yourself, what to talk about, and when or how to follow up on a connection you made. Read more about the networking workshops offered by BCMC.

  • Etiquette Dinner

Conducting yourself at a professional dinner is a bit of an art form and it isn’t just about saying thank you. Learn details like how to hold a wine glass, how to excuse yourself from a table, and when a meal officially begins (along with a lot of other tips) at this event. Read more about BCMC’s Etiquette Dinner.

Social Media for Networking

According to Talent Formula, 69% of recruiters have rejected a candidate because of what they saw on a social networking site. This  is one of the most important things for young professionals to learn. Your online activity can make or break your career before it even begins, so learning how to avoid faux-pas is critical. However, social media also gives you unprecedented opportunities to market yourself to potential employers. This workshop will also teach you how to lock down social media content you don’t want potential employers to see and how to make the most of your online network.

Career Concentration Panels

Are you wondering if you are in the right concentration or in the process of selecting one? Not sure what kinds of jobs you can pursue with your concentration? Let Sprott alumni help. Each year we host a series of panel discussions focused around each of the different academic concentrations (accounting, marketing, etc.) These panels feature alumni working in their respective fields who will offer insight to career options and can answer your questions about what skills to learn and how to best prepare for jobs in those fields.