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The Sprott Employability Passport (Business Career Preparation Requirement) is a four-year career development program that equips Sprott School of Business students with the job-ready skills and awareness to find meaningful employment and career success. This program complements the academic knowledge and skills gained through Sprott’s undergraduate business degree programs.

How It Works:

Each year, students are required to register in a non-credit career development course and participate in a selection of co-curricular activities and events covering several of the Employability Passport’s eight skill areas: Career Management, Communications, Global Perspective, Leadership, Professionalism, Teamwork, Technology and Good Business.

Students take an active role in tailoring their Employability Passport based on personal and professional goals, with the guidance of Sprott’s Business Career Management Centre and other campus service providers.

The successful completion of the Sprott Employability Passport is a graduation requirement for Sprott Bachelor of Commerce students starting first year in September 2019.

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Book an appointment with the Employability Passport Coordinator if you need assistance or have questions about exemptions.

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