Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business has undergone tremendous change and growth over the last 10+ years. We have, among other things, become a named School and Faculty, received accreditation by two international bodies, achieved more than 40 per cent growth in our undergraduate programs while maintaining high entrance standards, launched our MBA in three international locations, and created new academic programming and start-up facilities for budding entrepreneurs.

These achievements have been realized thanks to the great efforts of our students, faculty, alumni, donors and community supporters.

Our goal is to continue to continue to provide opportunities and support to current and future students while supporting research and engaging our community and alumni.

Now is a remarkable time for the university. Carleton turned 75 years old in 2017 and we have launched Collaborate, the most ambitious fundraising campaign in Carleton’s history. At the Sprott School of Business we are working with our alumni, business community, and supporters to support the Collaborate Campaign through priority projects within the business school.

Nicol Building

Ottawa builder and philanthropist Wes NicolThe Sprott School of Business’s campaign to build a new home for the Sprott School of Business was launched by the announcement of a $10M gift from Wesley Nicol and family to name a new building. Wes, a proud Carleton graduate, was a long-time supporter of business and entrepreneurial initiatives on campus, and he saw a new building as an important step for the business school.

Today, the Sprott School is in the construction stage of a new building that will provide new opportunities for academic achievement and community building among our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Our new building will allow for additional enrollment both into our established programs as well as new programs that our new facilities would allow us to offer. The school has recently launched several new programs and the Nicol Building will allow us to offer even more. Our newest programs include a highly-successful Masters of Accounting and a Masters of Entrepreneurship.

Community and alumni support of the Nicol Building will directly impact future students by providing the facilities that will support and enhance their academic experience and provide opportunities for them to engage in activities that will shape them as individuals and prepare them for the unique challenges they will face in their careers.

Sprott Competes

Sprott students presenting to a theatre full of business professionals.Sprott Competes is a comprehensive program that provides students experience in real-world business analysis, decision-making and presenting. It supports teams of students in academic case competitions around the world and across a range of business disciplines.

Sprott students consistently achieve top place finishes at national and international competitions. In 2017, Sprott students placed first in the Network of International Business Schools Worldwide Case Competition for the third time in the past four years, and second place in the prestigious Van Berkom JMSB Small Cap Case Competition.

Donor support of the Sprott Competes program funds our Case Training Program, designed to offer top students intensive business analysis and presentation skills training. Participants include a mix of approximately 20 senior and junior undergraduates drawn from our Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of International Business programs. Students must meet a number of requirements to be considered, and the final group is chosen through a rigorous selection process. Students have the opportunity to take part in exclusive activities, work with a dedicated coach, and learn from past program participants and Sprott School alumni.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and Bursaries reward exceptional academic achievement and make education possible to those with limited financial means. Carleton University is proud to have one of the country’s best student aid programs, providing more than 10,000 scholarships and bursaries each year. Alumni and friends of the university make this possible.

Donors can choose to support existing student awards such as the BIB Scholarship or the Lillian Fallis Bursary. Gifts to these funds grow the endowed funds so that more can be given out to students each year.

Donors can also choose to establish their own named scholarships and bursaries.  Support for student awards is a campaign priority, and as part of the Collaborate Campaign, the university is offering a 1:1 match for philanthropic gifts that create new scholarships. If you are interested in establishing a scholarship we invite you to contact us to discuss it further.  An endowed scholarship ensures support for our students now and in the future and awards can be set up for the Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of International Business, as well as MBA, Master of Accounting, Master of Entrepreneurship and PhD in Management programs.


When students, faculty and staff have grassroots projects on campus that they would like to seed and promote they turn to Carleton University’s own crowdfunding platform,

Throughout the year you can find projects here from across the university and within the Sprott School of Business. You can help students attend case competitions or support Sprosh Week among other projects. FutureFunder provides tax receipts to donors and unlike other crowdfunding platforms, does not charge any commission on funds raised.

More Information

For more information regarding giving to the Sprott School of Business, please visit the University Advancement website or contact:

Margaret Miller
Senior Development Officer
Tel: 613-520-2600 ext. 8228