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Sprott Research Centres

Director: Dr. François Brouard, Sprott School of Business

Building on the expertise and experience of the Centre for Social Marketing (established in 1993), the Sprott School of Business established a new research unit in October 2008 named the Sprott Centre for Social Enterprises / Centre Sprott pour les entreprises sociales (SCSE-CSES).

Director: Dr. Troy Anderson, Sprott School of Business 

SCARAB’s mission is to promote Africa-focused business research, evidence-based analysis, training, consultancy, and development services to private, public and not-for-profit organizations.

Co-Directors: Dr. Merridee Bujaki, Sprott School of Business and Dr. Luciara Nardon, Sprott School of Business

The Centre for Research on Inclusion at Work (CRIW) is focused on conducting and sharing research that advances diversity, equity and inclusion at work. By making research findings available to the public and connecting academia with the broader community, CRIW aims to advance knowledge and drive change towards more inclusive workplaces that welcome and support greater participation of all peoples….more

Director: Dr. Gerald Grant, Sprott School of Business

Established in January 2010, the Centre for Information Technology, Organizations, and People (CITOP) is a strategic research unit within the Sprott School of Business that is dedicated to helping organizations better understand and manage the interrelationships between technology, organizations and people…more

Directors: Dr. Vinod Kumar, Sprott School of Business & Dr. Aaron Nsakanda, Sprott School of Business

The Centre has been established to conduct, co-ordinate, and disseminate research on management issues of manufacturing and operations systems. The primary aims of the Centre’s research are to develop a scientific understanding of manufacturing/operations systems, and to develop techniques and models for enhancing their productivity; and to integrate the manufacturing and operations function into corporate strategy…more

Director: Dr. Uma Kumar, Sprott School of Business

Established in 1984, the Research Centre for Technology Management (RCTM) conducts and disseminates research on issues related to management of technology and e-Business. The Centre is based at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business…more

Sprott Research Groups

Director: Dr. François Brouard, Sprott School of Business

The Professional Accounting Research Group (PARG) is a research group of the Accounting teaching area in the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University.

Director: Dr. Linda Schweitzer, Sprott School of Business

The Labour Force Barriers Research Group brings together leading researchers and students from four faculties across Carleton (Sprott School of Business, Faculty of Public Affairs, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) to provide leadership in research addressing labour force barriers.

Director: Dr. François Brouard, Sprott School of Business

Le groupe de recherche sur l’industrie de l’humour (GRIH) s’intéresse plus particulièrement à l’humour francophone au Québec et ses membres sont liés à l’Observatoire de l’humour site web.

Carleton University Research Centre

Co-Director: Dr. Kate Ruff, Sprott School of Business

The Carleton Centre for Community Innovation (3ci) is a university research centre based at the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Through research, education and program management, 3ci investigates, strengthens and disseminates innovation in community-based economic development, and local governance, responsible investment, philanthropic and non profit leadership, social finance, and community/university engagement.

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