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Find your next Canadian-trained business intern who is fluent in a second language (Spanish, French, German, Mandarin or Japanese). Connect with the Bachelor of International Business Internship Program at Sprott.

About Sprott

Sprott School of Business (Sprott) at Carleton University is a collaborative and interdisciplinary institution for business education and research. We create learning experiences and scholarship that harness the potential and opportunity for business to improve lives worldwide. Located in Canada’s Capital, Ottawa, we are an internationally accredited business school where future leaders gain the confidence to ask hard questions, to embrace diverse perspectives and be authentic in their leadership. Our shared values are imagination, compassion and purpose. Sprott is accredited by AACSB International and the Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) and is a member of EFMD.

The Bachelor of International Business (BIB)

The Bachelor of International Business (BIB) is a unique four-year undergraduate degree program that gives students the foundation and global perspective to become agents of global change. The program is delivered with an emphasis on experiential learning, to ground students in the practice of international business and management they need to competently engage in global issues affecting business. Students specialize in Global Financial Management and Systems, International Marketing and Trade, or International Strategy and Human Resources Management. In addition, students undergo intensive training in one of the following languages: Spanish, French, German, Mandarin or Japanese.

With intercultural skills gained through firsthand international experience, BIB students are prepared for careers around the world.

The BIB Internship Program

In the third year of study, BIB students are required to complete a year abroad as a requirement for graduation. Students can complete an international internship to satisfy the year abroad requirement. Students will maintain their full-time status during their internship. Only students in good academic standing and demonstrated proficiency in their selected BIB language are selected to participate in the internship.

Additionally, the Sprott Business Career Management Centre support the interns and ensure they have the skills to make real contributions to your organization in their international placement.

A BIB internship must meet the following criteria:

Matt Martin. Germany.

Provisions for 2021

In 2021, students will only participate in remote/virtual internships based on public health guidelines. Additionally, students are allowed to find comparable international experiences in Canada due to travel restrictions. An example of such work is a position with a Canadian company that works with global teams or does work in a country that speaks one of the BIB languages.

Let us help you find the right intern to fulfill your Human Resource needs. Contact us today.

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