Tori Burns is an MBA student at the Sprott School of Business and is currently completing a summer internship at PharmaXilia Inc.

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Tori Burns is an MBA student at the Sprott School of Business and is currently working at PharmaXilia Inc. through the Sprott MBA internship program.

1) Tell us about your internship.

I am working for a company called PharmaXilia Inc. They are a start-up based out of Ottawa that is looking to provide Canadian pharmaceuticals and medical devices to the Middle East. Since the company is still very small and there are very few of us working, I tend to work on a variety of different tasks and projects. My background and interest is in human resources, therefore the majority of my time has been spent creating various aspects of the HR function. For example, I have created many workplace policies, defined the workplace structure as well as created an employee handbook to be provided to new hires during the onboarding process. Aside from HR, I have helped in any way that I can by working on things like developing sales quotes, seeking opportunities for grants and loans as well as determining export regulations.

2) How has the experience been? 

This experience has been truly amazing so far. I have learned so much about various aspects of starting a business. I have had the opportunity to work with truly inspiring people who are dedicated to their work. I have been able to use my theoretical knowledge for practical use and that experience has been invaluable.

3) What were your goals when you started this internship? Were you able to achieve them?

One of my goals at the beginning of this internship was to gain as much experience as I could. I wanted to touch as many different parts of the business as possible in order to learn as much as possible. I think I have definitely been able to achieve that goal, as my employer has really allowed me a look into many aspects of the business. They have required my assistance in various areas, and I have been able to do a lot of research in order to meet those needs.

My other goal was to use my education and skills in order to be a true asset to my employer. I wanted to provide them with tangible work that would be beneficial to them and aid them in their success. Based on the feedback that I have received from my employer, I believe that I have really been able to accomplish this goal. I think they are very pleased with the work that I have done so far, and I am more than happy to have been able to help them throughout their journey of starting a new business. 

4) What are some of the lessons you’ve learned? 

My employer gives me the opportunity to explore a wide range of areas of the business, which has allowed me to learn so much. I have learned a lot about how hard entrepreneurs must work in order to see their dream of creating a successful business become a reality. I have learned that even though you may not be an expert in every area of business, when starting a new company, it is important to do your research and put in your best effort to get the results you desire. My employers have showed me the importance of determination and perseverance when working towards a goal, no matter how big or small. The lessons have been countless, and I am very grateful.

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