On June 19th, Carleton University approved this year’s list of graduates! While celebrations have moved online this year, it gives us even more reason to celebrate all our amazing graduates of 2020. We’ve asked a few of our Great Grads this year to share their memories of Carleton and the Sprott community.

Lina in her graduation gown and flowers

Lina Shikhhassan is a graduate of the Bachelor of Commerce program with a double concentration in Information Systems and Management.

If you could choose one word to sum up your time at Sprott, what is it and why?

Exceptional! With the start of every year, I never knew what new challenges and opportunities Sprott has in store for me. Getting to meet new people and becoming involved within the community was an adventure of its own!

What were your goals when you started at Sprott? Did you achieve them?

A formal photo of the DECA team

Sprott DECA

My goals when I started at Sprott was to become more involved. In my first year at Sprott, I was a little timid, however, after joining Sprott DECA I was able to come out of my shell. DECA helped me meet new people and get involved within the community, whether it be with the Sprott DECA Outreach Program or going to Toronto for the Ontario University Fair (OUF)!

What is your favourite Sprott memory?

Lina with 4 other Sprott students wearing matching polo shirts at the Ontario Universities Fair

Representing Sprott at OUF

There are far too many memories to list! Some of my favourite memories include going to Toronto for Provincials with DECA, and OUF with Sprott, as well as the retreat with the BUSI4111 class. My past five years at Sprott has created memories that I will cherish forever

What was your favourite course or professor?

students all wearing white shirts in a team photo

BUSI 4111

Again, far too many to list! Some of my favourite classes were Managing Conflict and Negotiation with Angela Dionisi, BUSI2400 with Rob Riordan, as well as BUSI4111 with Rob Smart and Troy Anderson. Having two concentrations has doubled the amount of courses I liked!

What was the most important lesson you learned during your time at Sprott?

Your experience is what you make of it. Had I not decided to become more involved, I wouldn’t have met the amazing people within Sprott. The community is so helpful and there are so many connections within it that can help you in so many ways!

What will you miss the most?

The thing I will miss most is the community, as well as the BUSI 4111 Lair in Dunton Tower. Sprott has a great environment, and everybody that I have met has always been so great! I’ll also miss Roosters and the seventh floor lounge, and having Rhonda Kelly and Alanna Allen to give me advice whenever I need it!

What’s next for you?

At the end of September, I will be starting at Avanade as a Business Analyst in Ottawa!

Is there anything else you would like to share with the Sprott community?

Don’t be afraid to go out there and make the most of your time at Sprott. Get to know students and staff, especially those at BCMC since they will be valuable friends throughout your time at Sprott! (Also, apply for BUSI4111!)

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