On February 23, 2017,  Isaac Otchere, Professor of Finance at the Sprott School of Business, and Sprott PhD alumnus Kobana Abukari, Assistant Professor of Finance at Laurentian University, were honoured with the CFA Society Toronto & Hillsdale Canadian Investment Research Award.

Their paper “Dominance of Hybrid Contratum Strategies over Momentum and Contrarian Strategies: Half a Century of Evidence.” was selected by a panel of judges from among 11 competitive papers submitted by academics from top business schools around the world and practitioners of leading investment firms in Canada.

The co-authors met at Carleton University, where Dr. Abukari completed a PhD in Management under the supervision of Dr. Otchere. Their winning research paper evaluates investment strategies using data on 3,500 stocks from 1956 to 2015.

“We are excited about our study because with investors’ desire to outperform the market showing no signs of abating, our findings that hybrid contratum investment strategies dominate the widely-implemented momentum and contrarian strategies provide another avenue for investors to consider. Also, with investment horizons decreasing, the shorter holding periods of contratum strategies could make them more appealing to investors across the spectrum,” said Dr. Otchere and Dr. Abukari.

Congratulations to Dr. Octchere and Dr. Abukari for being recognized with this prestigious award.

The research paper is available online.

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