Have Sprott School Alumni who are company and industry insiders review your résumé. Resume Review can include both inline recommendations and high-level advice. Note that you are free to submit a CV instead of a resume for review. Note that this service allows you to request industry-specific resume advice from specific advisors; you are not submitting your resume to be rewritten nor are you submitting it for open jobs or internships within the organization where the advisor works.

Submitting Your Résumé for a Review

  • When scheduling you will propose three 60-minute meeting times. If the advisor is available during one of those times, the advisor will accept and your consultation will be scheduled. If the advisor is not available, the advisor may choose to propose three additional times or they may decline the invitation. You will be notified as soon as the advisor accepts or declines.
  • You must write an introductory message about your interest in a résumé critique and include relevant information that will help the advisor to prepare.
  • You must upload a résumé and may include additional documentation such as a cover letter or job description.

Connecting Before the Résumé Review

  • Both parties are sent a confirmation email that includes a list of phone numbers (users select one suited for their location) and conference code.
  • 10 minutes before the conference is scheduled the codes will be live.
  • Once both parties call in and enter their code they’ll be connected and the consultation will begin.

During Your Résumé Review

  • Your résumé review will consist of a 60-minute meeting where the advisor will ask you questions and provide feedback.
  • Be prepared to briefly introduce yourself professionally and answer questions about your background and interest in your career area.
  • Strive to be a receptive and active listener during the feedback process.

After the Résumé Review

  • Show appreciation for the time and assistance given by the advisor by sending a follow up thank-you message. Note that unless the advisor provides his/her contact information during the call, you must do this within 24 hours of the consultation, while your meeting place is still active.


Subject: Sprott School Student Seeking Feedback on Resume

Dear Jane:

My name is Patricia Buckingham, and I am an undergraduate student planning to concentrate in Marketing at the Sprott School of Business. I would like to pursue an internship this summer and was excited to find your profile on the Sprott Alumni Advisor Network. Thank you for signing up as an advisor and for your willingness to assist students. My résumé is attached, and I hope you may be able to review it with me within the next week. Thank you in advance for your time.


Patricia Buckingham