Registration Priority List

Business courses are not open to all students. Courses are offered according to priority set by the School of Business for the year of offering. Please review the registration priority table to see when you are eligible to register for a course. Approval to take a course does not guarantee there will be space in the course at the time of registration.

Registration Information for Sprott Students

New First-Year students

Returning Students

Courses with Additional Application Requirements

Registration Information for Other Students

Ottawa U Student Registration

As a University of Ottawa student you have access to most BUSI courses so long as you meet the prerequisites. All BUSI course prerequisite equivalents from Ottawa U can be found here.

Once you confirm your completion of these prerequisite courses, please follow the UOttawa exchange process outlined on the Carleton Registrar’s Office Website and then submit a Request for Waiver of Prerequisite form.

If you have any questions, please email

Special Student Registration

As a special student you have access to some BUSI courses so long as you meet the prerequisites listed in the course description from your previous academic institution.

Once you confirm your completion of these prerequisite courses, please follow the process outlined on the Carleton University Registrar’s Office Website and then submit a Request for Waiver of Prerequisite. Once your application has been reviewed we will be in contact with you via email to give you further direction as to how to register for the course on Carleton Central.

If you have any questions, please email

General Registration Information

Timetable Builder

The timetable builder allows students to search the class schedule and build a conflict free hypothetical timetable. Using this tool, students are able to see what their timetable will look like if they are successful in adding their selected courses. Access the timetable builder 

Time Tickets & Year Standings

For Fall and Winter registration sessions all students are assigned ‘time-tickets’ according to their year standing and the last two digits of their student number. Once a time-ticket has activated for registration it will remain active until the last day to register in January. If you are not able to register when your time-ticket activates consider providing your registration information (chosen courses plus alternates, along with your Carleton Central password) to a family member or a trusted friend so that they can register for you. Please note that the Sprott School of Business is not able to adjust year standings. If you have a concern regarding your year standing please contact the University Registrar’s Office for their direction. For students registered in Summer Session 2020 courses please contact the Registrar’s Office for information on your year standing and how it affects your fall/winter registration time-ticket. Your registration into a Business course will depend on the following factors:

  •  Your time-ticket has opened according to the University schedule.
  • You have the necessary year standing for the course you are attempting to register into.
  • You have completed any necessary course prerequisites – indicated in the course descriptions found in the Undergraduate Calendar. Course descriptions will also appear as you submit your registration on Carleton Central.
  • There is space available in the course you are attempting to register into.

Space in Courses That Are Full

Students who meet the registration requirements for a course and find the course full when they attempt to register will have access to the wait list feature on Carleton Central. Check your Carleton email regularly (at least once to twice daily); if you are offered a seat from a wait list, you have 24 hours to register or you will lose the seat.

Wait Listing

The wait listing feature is available on Carleton Central for most Business courses and will only activate when a course reaches capacity. Students will have access to the wait listing feature depending on completion of the necessary course prerequisites and restrictions (as indicated in the course descriptions in the Undergraduate Calendar) and the year standing for the course. Once you have joined a wait list, you will receive an auto confirmation via Carleton email. If you receive notification that space has become available you will have 24 hours to register in the course or the next student on the list will be notified. Please do not contact the Department Office for information on wait listing. Need help joining a wait list? How to join a waitlist and other Carleton Central how to videos For courses that do not have the wait listing feature enabled, please monitor Carleton Central for space to appear if someone should drop out.

Registration Override Requests

Students seeking permission to register in a closed section of a course or a course for which they lack the required year-standing may submit a request on-line via the “Registration Override Request” feature on the “Add or Drop Classes” page on Carleton Central. Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee space in courses. You may only submit one request per course. If you have non-Carleton equivalents for prerequisite courses you will be required to provide supporting documentation (i.e., transcripts and/or course descriptions for evaluation purposes). Please do not contact the departmental office or the instructor of the course for updates on the status of your request. You will receive an automatic email reply via Carleton Connect account on the status of your request. Our response time to requests will be 3-5 business days.

How-to submit an override request

Email to Students

Our response to any email requests will only be made to your Carleton email account. Email received from Yahoo, Gmail, or other email providers will not receive a reply.

Need help creating and activating your Carleton email account? Check out this helpful video You can also download these instructions (PDF) 

Still Have Questions?

Check out these helpful Registration videos! How to Join a Waitlist, How to Drop a Class, How to Request a Transcript, and more.

Need Registration Assistance?

If you need help completing your registration, The Student Registration Assistance Team is a service available to new and returning students.