Employability Passport: What It Is

The Sprott Employability Passport (Business Career Preparation Requirement) is a four-year career development program that equips Sprott School of Business students with the job-ready skills and awareness to find meaningful employment and career success. This program complements the academic knowledge and skills gained through Sprott’s undergraduate business degree programs.

How It Works:

Each year, students are required to register in a non-credit career development course and participate in a selection of co-curricular activities and events covering several of the Employability Passport’s eight skill areas: Career Management, Communications, Global Perspective, Leadership, Professionalism, Teamwork, Technology and Good Business.

Students take an active role in tailoring their Employability Passport based on personal and professional goals, with the guidance of Sprott’s Business Career Management Centre and other campus service providers.

The successful completion of the Sprott Employability Passport is a graduation requirement for all incoming Sprott Bachelor of Commerce students starting from September 2019.

Career Management

Know how to explore various career options and seek employment. Become aware of your interests, motivators and transferable skills. Make informed career choices and set achievable goals.


Communicate in a clear, concise and effective manner in a variety of methods.

Global Perspective

Cross-cultural awareness. Demonstrate openness and respect for different cultures and business practices.


Know how to lead teams, delegate tasks, solve problems, manage projects and timelines.


Understand and practice networking in person and through professional social media channels. Understand business etiquette. Know how to interact and present yourself in a professional setting.


Work collaboratively with others. Be flexible and adaptable to different working styles.


Have the technical and/or programming skills sought by employers.

Good Business

Understand the role that business and organizations play in adding value to the communities in which they operate. Value and have experience in community service. Be able to make ethical decisions.


Who needs to do the Employability passport?

  • All Bachelor of Commerce students admitted starting from 2019-2020 academic year must complete the employability passport.

I am an upper year student or a BIB student, why can’t I enroll in the Employability passport?

  • All activities which are considered employability passport items are open to all students. Thus, as an upper year or BIB student, you are welcome to participate in these events. The only difference is that, there will be no requirement for you to report your participation.

How do I complete the passport?

  • All eligible students are required to register into the non-credit course, BUSI 1995, 2995, 3995 or 4995.
  • Access the employability passport course outline on cuLearn to find the details of the requirements and resources to help you complete the passport. Many of the activities that qualify for the employability passport can be found on the mySprott portal.
  • BUSI 1995 is a prerequisite needed to register in BUSI 2995, BUSI 3995 and BUSI 4995 in subsequent years as you progress through the four-year program.

Can I be exempt from completing the passport?

  • The Employability Passport program has been designed to help you develop your employability skills. Many of the activities required are activities that you would already be exposed to and participating in. Thus, we encourage all eligible students to participate. However, we may offer exemptions in very rare situations, on a case by case basis. Book an appointment with the Employability Passport coordinator if you have questions about exemptions.

What are the requirements to complete the passport?

  • The requirements for the passport differ slightly from year to year as you progress through the program. Instructions for each year will be provided to the students enrolled in the program, through the course outline and on the program tracking module.

Where do I go for more information?

  • The course on cuLearn has more comprehensive information regarding the Employability requirements for students. If after reviewing the information on there, you still have questions, you may contact the employability passport coordinator Cynthia Cartwright via email employability.passport@carleton.ca. You may also book an appointment during her office hours on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (She will respond to email inquiries during her office hours).

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Book an appointment with the Employability Passport Coordinator, Cynthia Cartwright, if you need assistance or have questions about exemptions.

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