PhD Management – Requirements

PhD Program Requirements & Milestones (admitted prior to 2015)

PhD Program Requirements & Milestones (admitted 2015 and beyond)

Fall 2019 & Winter 2020 Course Schedule


All PhD candidates are required to successfully complete a comprehensive examination before the PhD proposal defence is scheduled. The comprehensive examination will take place over a period of two to three weeks and will consist of a written and an oral part.


All students are required to successfully defend a proposal. Copies of the proposal must be submitted to all committee members at least 2 weeks prior to the examination date.


All PhD candidates are required to successfully defend a thesis at an oral examination. The examination copy of the thesis must be uploaded at least 4 weeks prior to the examination date.

Additional Requirements

Teaching Education and Experience

All students must participate in a teaching seminar series led by the Sprott School of Business and the Educational Development Centre (students must attend all 6 seminars and complete a Teaching Philosophy Statement). Students must also demonstrate classroom experience by teaching a course or leading a class lecture.

Teaching Seminar 2019-20 Schedule

Research Seminar Participation

All students must attend at least 15 seminars on current business issues in the Sprott School of Business’ research seminar series. Please bring the attached form Research Seminar Participation Form (.pdf) to each research seminar that you attend and have a faculty member sign off. Once you have attended all 15 seminars, please submit the completed form to the PhD Administrator.

Regulations for BUSI 6900

A student may, with the approval of his or her thesis supervisor, take up to two directed readings courses. These courses should relate directly to the student’s thesis work, but the work submitted for a directed study may not also appear in the thesis or proposal.

Time Limits

Full-time: 15 terms – 5 years from initial registration
Part-time: 27 terms – 9 years from initial registration

Apply to Graduate

You must apply to graduate online at Carleton Central by:

  • March 1st for Spring Convocation (June)
  • September 1st for Fall Convocation (November)
  • December 1st for Winter Convocation (February – no ceremony)

Program Learning Goals & Objectives

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