“Although we can only imagine what the world ahead will be like, we know that we will rely on human ingenuity to create prosperity without harm to our health or our planet. We know that a better world is one that is more equitable and just, more sustainable and more caring.” 

Dean Dana Brown

Our Aspiration

Through our scholarly work and engagement, we aim to cultivate the enterprising spirit of business in order to foster shared prosperity and advance equity and justice for all.

Carleton University students filling water buckets at a dam with local people in Longido, Tanzania.
View of Canada's Parliament Buildings and downtown Ottawa from across the Ottawa River.

Our Calling

We create learning experiences and scholarship that harness the potential and opportunity for business to improve lives worldwide. In fulfilling this calling, we acknowledge and respect the Algonquin nation on whose traditional and unceded territory we are gathered and value our location in Ottawa, the thriving capital of a G7 country and a hub of Canadian social and technological innovation.

Our Values


We are an inclusive, caring community that ensures that students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners feel supported and valued. We demonstrate empathy in our interactions with one another and through our external engagement and scholarly work.


We encourage bold ideas; we think creatively; we look beyond ourselves and the ‘way things are’ to foster innovation for the future.


We are attuned to the community and the world around us and we are driven to contribute to the greater good.

Three MBA students (one male and two female) working together on a project.

Vision 2025: Business for a Better World

Our Sprott School of Business community has identified five interconnected strategic principles to guide us as we navigate our future and strive to create meaningful impact on the world around us. These principles, aligned with Carleton’s Strategic Integrated Plan, determine our priorities and help us to fulfill our aspiration while living and exemplifying our core values of compassion, imagination and purpose.

Principle 1: Transformational Lifelong Learning Journeys

  • Goal 1: Attract talented students from diverse backgrounds and experiences to study at Sprott.
  • Goal 2: Develop unique curricula and integrated opportunities for experiential learning.
  • Goal 3: Foster a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Principle 2: Entrepreneurial Mindsets to Create Positive Change

  • Goal 1: Provide opportunities for all Carleton students to engage in entrepreneurship.
  • Goal 2: Integrate business and technological knowledge through new learning opportunities.
  • Goal 3: Forge partnerships to expand entrepreneurial learning and knowledge sharing.

Principle 3: Partners in Ottawa’s Prosperity

  • Goal 1: Help to accelerate the regional ecosystem of world-class technology companies.
  • Goal 2: Partner with regional postsecondary institutions to focus on employability and entrepreneurship for traditionally marginalized students through research and skills development.
  • Goal 3: Bring worldwide knowledge to the National Capital Region through executive education.

Principle 4: Global Insights and Cross-Cultural Collaborations

  • Goal 1: Enhance global learning experiences.
  • Goal 2: Promote research and impact on internationalization.
  • Goal 3: Foster a worldwide network of talent.

Principle 5: Advancing Responsible Leadership

  • Goal 1: Promote research on environmental sustainability, social impact, ethical decision-making, inclusive workplaces, social innovation and responsible leadership.
  • Goal 2: Integrate knowledge and perspective on responsible management across our curricula.
  • Goal 3: Exemplify responsible leadership,

Read the Full Strategic Plan

Learn more about the actions we will take over the next five years to realize our ambitions.

Read Vision 2025: Business for a Better World