Core Curriculum (4.25 credits)

Sprott MBA core courses cover a cross-section of business disciplines for the integrated knowledge and skills need to identify and solve complex management problems.

Course Code

Course Title


ACCT 5001 Financial Accounting 0.25
ACCT 5002 Managerial Accounting 0.25
BUSI 5801 Statistics for Managers 0.25
BUSI 5802 Business Ethics 0.25
FINA 5501 Financial Management 0.25
FINA 5502 Corporate Finance 0.25
IBUS 5701 International Business 0.25
ITIS 5401 Fundamentals of IT Service Management 0.25
MGMT 5100 Managing People and Organizations 0.50
MKTG 5200 Marketing Strategy 0.50
TOMS 5302 Operations Management 0.25
STGY 5900 Corporate and Business Strategy 0.50
STGY 5903 Strategic Concepts 0.50

Concentration and Electives (3.25 credits)

You can specialize within your MBA by choosing one of our market-driven concentrations, or build your own program without a concentration.

MBA Internship (1.0 credit)

As a condition for graduation, all MBA students who have less than two years of professional employment experience are required to successfully complete the MBA Internship (BUSI 5999).  A typical internship is 16 weeks in length and consists of full-time hours. Students enroll in BUSI 5999 as full-time students in the summer term. Please note that this term is subject to tuition fees.

Degree requirements and course descriptions can be found in the Business Section of the Graduate Calendar