MAcc Internship (ACCT 5199)

The MAcc internship is a 1.0 credit program requirement* and is designed to ensure that students apply their course learning in a practical setting. The internship provides valuable experience, further preparing graduates for a successful career in the professional accounting field. This work experience may be credited towards CPA Ontario’s practical work experience requirement. Upon achieving the CPA designation, employment opportunities are extensive and wide ranging. Further information on CPA Ontario’s Practical Experience Requirements can be found on their website. 

To date, 100% of our students have secured internships!

*Students can apply for an exemption from the internship if they have a minimum of one year full-time professional accounting experience (this can include undergraduate accounting co-op experience). Experience will be evaluated and verified by the Sprott School of Business before an exemption will be provided.

How It Works

  • Full-time students enroll in ACCT 5199 during the fall term following their first summer of full-time study
  • Part-time students typically enter the program with employment secured and qualify for exemption within their first year in the MAcc. A part-time student must be internship exempt in order to graduate (i.e. must complete 12 months of relevant employment between the start and the end of the part-time program). Alternatively, a student can complete the course ACCT 5199 in order to comply with the internship requirement of the program. ACCT 5199 requires a student to work full-time for a period of 4 months (see next paragraph). If a student opts for this alternative, they will be subject to full-time fees for that term.
  • A minimum of 480 hours (equivalent to 14 weeks @ 7 hours per day) is required. Please note that this is the minimum requirement and the vast majority of students complete 8 month work-terms (September – April)
  • Students seeking help to secure an internship must schedule resume, cover letter and conduct at least one mock interview before interviews. Those who enter the program with a position secured are not required to attend these appointments
  • Positions will be posted to the mySprott portal in early May, following our annual MAcc Chat and MAcc & Cheese networking events
  • While the MAcc office provides many resources for students to be successful, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to secure an Internship position that meets the eligibility requirements

Please note, students may opt to seek a position using their own network/job search. Approval of the position must be obtained from the MAcc Office.

International students must apply for a co-op work permit (no fee) and a Social Insurance Number. A letter from the MAcc Office will be provided in support of this application. Information on the application process can be found through Carleton’s International Student Services Office.

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In Ontario, mandatory internships have flexibility with regards to compensation. The vast majority of our students secure paid positions however some students have benefited from unpaid experiences with non-profit organizations. 

MAcc Career Services

We provide a variety of services tailored to MAcc students to ensure they are confident and well prepared for a successful employment search, interview process and career transition.

Our services include:

  • Job postings for MAcc internships and career opportunities
  • One-on-one employment/career advising sessions
  • Targeted resume and cover letter review
  • Mock interviews
  • Employment search workshops
  • Access to Sprott’s career web portal to view/apply to job postings
  • Employer/student networking events (MAcc Chat and MAcc & Cheese held every May)

If you have any questions regarding the internship, please contact 

Student Testimonial

“Working in audit and actually performing testing on financial statements really helped solidify the theoretical knowledge I acquired in-class over the summer. Going back to school next summer, I feel more confident in my understanding of concepts and I feel more prepared to tackle cases in class.

This was truly my dream internship and I want to thank Sprott Career Services and the MAcc program for all the things they did that enabled me to land this opportunity. I made lots of great friends, expanded my network in public accounting, worked on some very exciting clients and most importantly, learned so much every single day. I received excellent coaching from my Seniors and Managers, which I know will serve me well for the rest of my career.”

— Siam, MAcc ’19.

Sample of Recent Employers