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Stoyan Tanev

Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship
    Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 8230
    Building:St. Patrick's Building, Room 302
    Degrees:MSc Physics (Sofia University), PhD Physics (University Pierre and Marie Curie), MEng Technology Management (Carleton University), MA Theology (University of Sherbrooke), PhD Theology (Sofia University)


    Dr. Stoyan Tanev is an Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship, at the Sprott School of Business and associated with the Technology Innovation Management (TIM) master’s program, which operates across the Faculty of Engineering and Design and the Sprott School of Business. Dr. Tanev is a scholar in the field of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management where he is exploring the changing landscape of how entrepreneurs identify new opportunities, shape new businesses, and articulate value to customers to compete in the international market.

    Dr. Tanev’s current research focuses on value propositions and his research program has a unique focus to this marketing construct—specifically, value propositions of technology-based start-up companies. His research looks at how a new firm can articulate an effective value proposition and integrate it into its business model narratives so that it resonates with new customers and ensures success in the global market. This includes exploratory research based on publicly available online information combined with topic modelling and text summarization tools—algorithms that analyze text in large collections of documents and find emerging topics and themes that are highly relevant.

    Dr. Tanev sees the growing importance of using language effectively to articulate customer value and believes that innovation includes not merely the adoption, but the invention of the proper language of speaking about the intangible dimensions of value and user experience. His research explores the linguistic aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation management by emphasizing that they are both dependent on effective conversational skills and the specific language used by the companies to articulate value to customers.


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