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Rob Paterson

President & CEO of Alterna Savings and Credit Union and Alterna Bank



Rob is President and Chief Executive Officer of Alterna Savings and Credit Union and Alterna Bank, positions he has held since April 2013.  Prior to joining Alterna, Rob worked in financial services for over 25 years and has held executive positions within such companies as CIBC, JP Morgan CHASE, Aon Corp, and McKinsey & Company.  He sits on the Board of Directors of the Co-Operators, Central 1, and Alterna Bank.  Furthermore, Rob advises many Fintech start-ups across Canada.

Rob gives back to the community through his involvement with many non-profit and academic organizations.  He is a Director and Vice Chairman of Enactus Canada – “a community of student, academic and business leaders enabling progress through entrepreneurial action.”.  He is a supporter of Candlelighters, a not for profit organization supporting Children and families going through cancer treatment and Cracking Up the Capital, an annual comedy festival that supports awareness and treatment of mental health issues.  He also sits on the Advisory board of the University of Western Ontario Arts School.

Rob’s employment experience includes all aspects of retail, small business and commercial banking.  He is a pioneer of emerging digital payment and mobile technologies, and has also championed innovative lending solutions.  He has worked with some of the top brands around the world in financial services and technology.  Rob has positioned himself as a leader, and mentor, in the Fintech space and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Ontario.

Twitter: @AlternaSavings / @AlternaBank