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Moses Kiggundu

Professor, International Business
    Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 2380
    Building:Dunton Tower, Room 911
    Department:Sprott School of Business


    Moses N. Kiggundu is Professor of Management and International Business at the Sprott School of Business. He is cross-appointed to Carleton University’s  Institute of African Studies.

    Dr. Kiggundu’s career is focused on advancing management scholarship in and about Africa and globally through research, education, policy, practice and service.

    He is founding editor of the Africa Journal of Management (AJOM), published by Taylor & Francis for the Africa Academy of Management. He also serves as an Advisor and member of the Strategic Studies Group for the African Capacity Building Foundation. He was the inaugural recipient of the Emerald and Africa Academy of Management Trailblazer Award for advancing management scholarship in 2011.

    Dr. Kiggundu works with and mentors doctoral and graduate students and faculty pursuing studies and research in advancing management scholarship in and about Africa and globally. He is currently working with students and faculty at universities in North America and Africa.

    His work also examines development issues related to China and Africa, as well as Canada and Africa. Dr. Kiggundu works with African organizations in the public and private sectors, as well NGOs, on various issues of development.

    Dr. Kiggundu’s research focuses on Africa as it connects to the rest of the world. He is interested in the study of conceptual and practical questions of building state and non-state capacities in open societies for the facilitation of effective, gainful and equitable participation in the global economy and society.

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