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Mohammad Al Jarrah

Export Development Canada

Degrees:BCom (Carleton University) - Finance


Current Job Title: Risk Analyst, Export Development Canada

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Years of Work Experience: 8

I was born in Jordan and moved to Saudi Arabia when I was 11. We moved to Canada when I was 16. I finished high-school and went to Carleton for my undergrad. After working 5 years in the finance industry, I decided it was time to gain some management knowledge and pursued an MBA.

Why did you choose the Sprott Professional MBA?

The program chose me. I am one of the odd cases that is transitioning from the part time program. I am excited to see it from a different perspective and be surrounded with peers that are working professionals. The class format is also very flexible which will allow me to continue working while pursuing an MBA; something that was rather challenging as a part-time student given the long days of working and going to class. Lastly, the staff at Sprott are great and very responsive which is very much appreciated at times when life and work get hectic.

Fun fact:

In addition to English, I speak Arabic and some Mandarin.