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Josée Bidal

Commission for Complaints for Telecom-Television Services

Degrees:B.A. (Hons) Law (Carleton University); Management Certificate in Human Resources (Carleton University); Osgoode Certificate in Human Resources Law (Osgoode Hall Law School)


Current Job Title: Assistant Commissioner, Commission for Complaints for Telecom-Television Services

Hometown: Sudbury, ON

Years of Work Experience: 19

Previously, I worked in regulatory and compliance roles for a major Canadian telecommunications service provider. Now, I lead both the business operations and HR functions at the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services. As one of the first employees at CCTS, I helped guide its growth and development from a start-up in 2007 to a well-respected, mature organization. I am a staunch believer in continuous improvement, both personally and professionally.

Why did you choose the Sprott Professional MBA?

After looking into a variety of MBA programs, I chose the Sprott Professional MBA. It offers a wonderfully engaging curriculum that makes it possible to balance education, work and personal life. I am already a proud Carleton alumna, having completed my BA at Carleton, as well as a number of professional development programs through Sprott. The caliber of the programs and teaching staff here are phenomenal. I am honoured to be a part of the inaugural Professional MBA cohort.

Fun fact:

Originally from Northern Ontario, I enjoy spending time outdoors and can often be found camping, swimming or boating in my spare time.