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José Rojas-Méndez

Professor, International Business; Director, BIB Program; Director, Sprott MBA Bogota
    Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 8014
    Building:Dunton Tower, Room 925
    Degrees:Bachelors Accounting and Auditing (Universidad de Talca), MBA Business Administration (University of Ottawa), PhD Marketing (University of Manchester)


    Dr. José Rojas-Méndez is a professor of International Business and Marketing, Sprott School of Business, the Director of the Sprott MBA program in Bogota, Columbia, and the Associate Editor (International Management) for European Journal of Management and Business Economics.

    Dr. Rojas-Méndez’s research program is a robust combination of consumer behaviour and international marketing with three main interconnecting constructs—national brand personality in transitioning and developing countries; country wine personality; and understanding and measuring xenocentrism of consumers and employees in developing countries. He travels around the world to carry out his research and has collected data from over twenty-two countries in eleven different languages and cultures.

    Further to his research on national brand personality—and the first of its kind—Dr. Rojas-Méndez developed the National Brand Molecule—a model that gives a holistic approach when developing an international positioning strategy. “The better a nation positions itself, the more successful it will be in attracting limiting resources. The National Brand Molecule will help countries to do just that—give them a competitive and comprehensive strategy to profile themselves as effectively as possible.

    Dr. Rojas-Méndez recognized an old construct but within a new framework—the phenomenon of xenocentrism (excessive admiration for anything foreign and at the same time, rejection of whatever is domestic) in developing and transitioning nations and his research program has him and his PhD student working on studies to elucidate the causes, moderating factors, and the consequences of xenocentrism. Moreover, he has developed a novel, highly effective scale, called X-Scale, that is reliable, valid, and multidimensional to define consumer preferences, which developing countries can use for identifying potential markets for business expansion at a global level.


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