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Jeff Gardiner

Gardiner Consulting Inc.

Degrees:BA Hons History (Huron University College); BSc Computer Science (University of Western Ontario)


Current Job Title: CEO, Owner, Executive Cyber Security Consultant

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Years of Work Experience: 18

After completing my university education I served in a number of increasingly technical roles supporting scientific computing ultimately becoming CISO for Carleton University. Concurrently I served with the Canadian Forces as a reservist which included tours as United Nations Peace Keeper and a tour of Afghanistan. My entrepreneurial experience includes running my own company.

Why did you choose the Sprott Professional MBA?

What attracted me to Sprott School of Business was its reputation as a nationally recognized, globally competitive, business school with an innovative and distinctive approach to teaching excellence in business education. Many Sprott graduates are recognized as business leaders. Sprott’s reputation for making leaders and critical thinkers made choosing Sprott easy.

Fun fact:

I’ve visited 37 different countries which included stints teaching at a university in Belarus for an academic year, living in Syria for 6 months as a UN peace-keeper (UNDOF) and a tour of Afghanistan with the Canadian Forces.