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Frank (Guoliang) Jiang

Associate Professor, International Business
    Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 1502
    Building:Dunton Tower, Room 1717
    Degrees:BS Applied Chemistry (Shanghai Jiaotong U); MBA (Western University); PhD (Western University)


    Dr. Frank Jiang believes business isn’t just about business; it’s about understanding human behaviour. Since joining the team at Sprott in 2016, Dr. Jiang has built his research program around this belief and much of his work aims to understand the factors that affect decision-making. Specifically, Jiang’s research examines how multinational enterprises (MNE) make choices and formulate strategies when they are looking to expand into other markets. “Multinational enterprises are the most important set of organizations that have the biggest impact on international trade.”

    Dr. Jiang has published in many leading management journals where his research provides a broad scope of how MNEs adapt expansion strategies given various factors, such as how host-country religious diversity is associated with a higher risk of overseas operation; how host-country income inequality influences expansion strategies; how firms learn from other foreign investment experiences to improve their own strategies; as well as how corruption may play an important role in the success of overseas projects in developing markets.

    Dr. Jiang’s research program also includes studies on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within multinational firms. Jiang is interested in elucidating whether CSR has a positive impact on performance of subsidiary firms—both from the perspective of its corporate headquarters management of CSR, and how subsidiaries manage their own CSR in their unique environment. “I’m highly interested in CSR in multinationals because there is a big social movement, and this will make big impacts on firms’ decision-making processes.”


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