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Emily Jones Joanisse

Full-time PhD Candidate
    Degrees:Bachelor of Computer Science, Management and Business Concentration; Minor in Business (Carleton University), MBA, International Development Management (Carleton University)


    Area of Research: 

    • International Business
    • Management and Strategy

    Emily is the the CEO and co-founder of Connected Canadians (CC), an NGO which provides seniors with free technology training and support. Many CC volunteers are new immigrants to Canada, and more recently due to COVID-19 CC was the recipient of a City of Ottawa Economic Development Grant which retrained service industry workers who lost employment due to COVID-19 as technology mentors for isolated seniors.

    Emily will focus on understanding how volunteering helps CC volunteers integrate into their Canadian communities and workplaces, with an end goal of developing a framework to support the career transitions of newcomers to Canada through volunteering.

    Supervisor: Dr. Luciara Nardon