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Emily Gray

Instructor, Accounting
    Building:Dunton Tower
    Department:Sprott School of Business
    Degrees:Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA CA), Bachelor of Commerce (Carleton University)


    currently on leave

    Emily Gray is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA). She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University, with a concentration in Accounting. She was highly involved in the Uniform Final Examination (UFE) with the CICA since placing on the honour roll when she wrote until its final offering and continues to be involved in its new form as the Common Final Exam (CFE) with CPA Canada.

    Before joining Carleton, Emily was a senior auditor at Deloitte, in the Private Client Services group, and a financial management adviser at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. She currently sits on the Board of Evaluators with CPA Ontario.