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David Cray

Adjunct Professor
    Building:Dunton Tower, Room 920
    Department:Sprott School of Business


    David Cray received his undergraduate degree in Sociology from New College in Sarasota, Florida. He completed both his masters and doctoral work at the University of Wisconsin. He has taught in the Sprott School of Business since 1982 where he has been an active researcher with grants from both NSERC and SSHRC. His research output includes two co-authored books, one on strategic decision making in large corporations and the second on the effects of culture on the management of international firms. Currently he is working on a third book analysing international management from a cognitive perspective.

    David Cray’s work has appeared in a number of major journals including the Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, the British Journal of Management and Journal of International Business Studies. He has been active in international education, having taught in Australia, Great Britain, Iran, Poland and Cuba as well as Canada. He has served as a consultant on structural change to the Department of Supply and Services. He has also participated in three SmartLink lecture tours in Australia where he addressed small business managers on growth strategies.

    David is currently involved in two research projects with colleagues from Australia. One concerns the export of services to transitional economies. The second examines the management in the arts industry in Australia and Canada. He has headed the Bachelor of International Business program at the Sprott School since its inception.