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Brendan Duivenvoorden


Degrees:BCom (Ottawa University), Chartered Professional Accountant


Current Job Title: Director of Finance, Ericsson

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Years of Work Experience: 12

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant. My early years were spent at Deloitte as a Manager in the Audit Function. The experience allowed me to gain significant financial expertise in a variety of focus areas, and experience working with clients of many different sizes and industries.

Eventually my passion for growth oriented companies led me to join CENX, a promising high tech startup. While there, I served as Corporate Controller, helping the business evolve into one of the fastest growing companies in North America and a global leader in telecom software. I was also actively involved in the acquisition by Ericsson. Since then, I have been involved in the integration and financial governance of the CENX division of Ericsson as Director of Finance.

Why did you choose the Sprott Professional MBA?

Sprott offers a comprehensive set of courses, with a strategic and case based approach to learning. I’m looking forward to working with other business leaders to update my understanding of strategic frameworks and their application to real world business issues using a multidisciplinary and holistic approach.

Fun fact:

In my spare time I enjoy challenging myself by training for long distance triathlon races. I recently completed my second IRONMAN event.