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Andrew Webb

Instructor III, International Business
    Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 5063
    Building:Dunton Tower, Room 1721
    Degrees:BA Business Administration (Collège Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean), MA Public Administration (École Nationale d’Administration Publique), PhD International Management (Université Laval)


    Dr. Andrew Webb has been a member of the Sprott team in International Business since 2017. Dr. Webb’s research is ever-growing in the International Business arena with contributions that are advancing our understanding of cross-sector social partnerships, namely in the field of sport for development. In addition, his forward-thinking focus on project-based and service learning is bringing an exciting new perspective to management education. With an intense passion for higher learning, teaching—and peace, one could argue that Dr. Webb is illuminating the value of sport in bringing about cooperation not only in business, but in society as well.

    Dr. Webb’s research examines the relationship between corporations and nonprofit organizations. Dr. Webb is particularly interested in why cross-sector social partnerships are established and maintained to tackle the world’s grand challenges—even when the fundamental objectives of the various partners are completely different. His research uses actor-network theory and semiotics to examine these unique relationships. Dr. Webb is focusing on the Special Olympics, as well as the nonprofit foundations of professional sports teams such as FC Barcelona’s Barça Foundation, and the MLSE Launch Pad (Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Inc.), and their associated corporate sponsors. Moreover, he’s taking a holistic approach to his research, including perspectives from the corporate sponsors, the nonprofits, as well as the athletes to triangulate the efficacies and obstacles of these alliances.

    Concurrent to his research, Dr. Webb is implementing a new project-based, service-learning program that will launch in 2020 to coincide with the opening of the new Sprott Nicol building. With this new initiative, Dr. Webb will bring his years of experience in experiential learning from his tenure at Laval University and will aim to offer a learning environment that will be unparallel to anything offered in Canadian universities thus far. Students will be excited to participate in this unique and forward-thinking learning approach that will not only better prepare them for the workforce but will teach them skills and perspectives that will propel them into the future of business, as well as enhance the skills needed to face tomorrow’s challenges.