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Amit Khare


Degrees:Bachelor of Computer Science (University of New Brunswick)


Current Job Title: Cloud Interconnect Network Engineer, Google

Hometown: Boston, MA

Years of Work Experience: 10

I’m a seasoned network engineer with over 10 years of experience in design and deployment of fiber optical networks, large scale routing and switching platforms, network and cloud automation. My special interest is to develop smart tools to automate network operations and use big data analytics to enhance performance and resiliency.

Why did you choose the Sprott Professional MBA?

The Sprott PMBA will equip me with a comprehensive set of management and business skills, in a cohort of other, similarly motivated peers. The program structure was particularly attractive, as it allows me to continue in my job, while maintaining work-life balance.

Fun fact:

I love to travel and cook. My favourite pastime is to spend time at a lake with my kayak.