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Aaron Nsakanda

Associate Professor, Supply Chain
    Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 2210
    Building:Dunton Tower, Room 903
    Degrees:BSc Forest Resources Production and Management (Laval University), Masters Operations Management (Laval University), PhD Logistics and Manufacturing Management (Laval University)


    Dr. Aaron L. Nsakanda is an Associate Professor of Management Science and Operations Management at the Sprott School of Business. Dr. Nsakanda has moved the area of operations and supply chain management and research to the next level with extensive contributions in industry and theoretical research in academia. A long-standing professor since 2001, his expertise is in mathematical modeling and discrete event simulations to find a quantitative basis for making optimal operational decisions within a business application. In today’s global economy, businesses look to the field of mathematical modeling to tackle complex supply-chain issues. This is a vital piece to helping businesses create value in their products or services—a field of work that is ever changing and ever in demand.

    Dr. Nsakanda’s research umbrella encompasses quantitative modeling using a number of methodologies—all which represent real-world operations challenges. His expertise is his ability to pull from his mathematical toolbox to design a simulated, or real-time, applicable model as the conduit to tackle today’s supply-chain complexities. It is a synergistic approach to work alongside and to create a partnership with a business to develop and understand where problems and inefficiencies in any aspect of the supply chain exist in order to provide solutions. Dr. Nsakanda has also done work in manufacturing, as well as in the health care industry where he has used a simulation modeling approach to understand workflow changes in hospitals.

    After completing his PhD in Logistics and Manufacturing Management from Laval University and a master’s degree in Operations Management, Dr. Nsakanda worked for three years as a Senior Operations Research consultant in the airline industry. Here, he made major contributions in areas such as cargo operations, airport resource management, manpower planning and scheduling, and his most notable project, working on the Aeroplan loyalty reward program.

    A further testament to his expertise, Dr. Nsakanda is one of a selected few of elite high-level professionals and industry leaders that help determine the direction and research objectives of the Aviation Think Tank at Concordia University. Through this, and as a contributing aspect to Think Tank, he has set-up a research program at Carleton that focuses on Canadian airport structure and governance. He continues to be an integral part of many professional societies including: The Institute for Operations and Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS); The Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS); The Society for Computer Simulation (SCS); and The Decision Sciences Institute (DSI).


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