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The program requirements for the PhD in Management for students consist of 5.0 credits.
Note: A complete listing of Business (BUSI) Courses can be found in the Graduate Calendar.

1.5 credits in research and analysis methods (BUSI 6902 and BUSI 6905 are mandatory)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
BUSI 6902Research Methodology in Business0.5
BUSI 6903Qualitative Research Design0.5
BUSI 6904Quantitative Research Design0.5
BUSI 6905Advanced Statistical Methods for Business Research0.5

1.5 credits in seminars including one two-course sequence, from the following doctoral seminar courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
BUSI 6000Seminar in Accounting I0.5
BUSI 6001Seminar in Accounting II0.5
BUSI 6100Seminar in Management I: Modern Organization Theory0.5
BUSI 6101Seminar in Management II: Current Topics in Organizational Behaviour0.5
BUSI 6103Seminar in Strategic Management0.5
BUSI 6200Seminar in Marketing I: Management and Strategy0.5
BUSI 6201Seminar in Marketing II: Consumer Behaviour0.5
BUSI 6300Seminar in Management of Production/Operations I: Strategic Management of Production Systems0.5
BUSI 6301Seminar in Management of Production/Operations II: Production/Technology/Strategy Interface0.5
BUSI 6400Seminar in Information Systems I: Research Issues0.5
BUSI 6401Seminar in Information Systems II: Current Trends0.5
BUSI 6500Seminar in Finance I: Topical Issues in Investments0.5
BUSI 6501Seminar in Finance II: Theories and Empirical Methods in Corporate Finance0.5
BUSI 6600Entrepreneurship0.5
BUSI 6700Seminar in International Business I: International Markets and Strategy0.5
BUSI 6705Seminar in International Business II: Managing in a Global Environment0.5

The remaining 1.5 credits will be electives that are chosen with the approval of the thesis supervisor to assist in the thesis research process. Courses may be chosen from the list below, from the lists above or from outside the School in a supporting discipline with permission.

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
BUSI 6009Special Topics in Accounting0.5
BUSI 6104Managing the Change Process0.5
BUSI 6105Women in Management0.5
BUSI 6109Special Topics in Management0.5
BUSI 6209Special Topics in Marketing0.5
BUSI 6303Systems Optimization: Methods and Models0.5
BUSI 6304Management of Innovation and Technology0.5
BUSI 6306Advanced Methods and Models of Management Science0.5
BUSI 6309Special Topics in Operations Management0.5
BUSI 6409Special Topics in Information Systems0.5
BUSI 6509Special Topics in Finance0.5
BUSI 6709Special Topics in International Business0.5
BUSI 6900Directed Readings0.5
BUSI 6901Special Topics0.5
BUSI 6910 Foundations of Management Theory and Research0.5

Comprehensives (no credit value)

Successful completion of one written and one oral examination.

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
BUSI 6908PhD ComprehensivesNo credit value

Thesis Proposal (0.5 credits)

Successful completion of a thesis proposal which must be defended at an oral exam.

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
BUSI 6907PhD Thesis Tutorial0.5 credits

Thesis (no credit value)

Successful completion of a thesis which must be defended at an oral exam.

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
BUSI 6909PhD ThesisNo credit value

Additional Requirements

Research Seminar Participation: All students must attend at least 15 seminars on current business issues in the Sprott School of Business’ research seminar series.

Teaching Education and Experience:

In either their second or third year of the program, students must participate in one of two teaching certificate programs:

  1. Preparing to Teach: a 10-week, blended certificate course with weekly 2-3 hour face-to-face meetings, online modules, readings, and assignments (pass/fail). Recommended for students who intend to pursue a career in academia.
  2. Sprott Certificate Program: a 1-term, blended program with 2 full-day face-to-face sessions, 4 online modules, and assignments (pass/fail). Recommended for students who do not intend to pursue a career in academia.

Students must also demonstrate classroom experience by teaching a course or leading a class lecture. Students intending to pursue the former option should enroll in Preparing to Teach; students intending to pursue the latter option should enroll in the Sprott Certificate Program.

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