The Centre has been established to conduct, co-ordinate, and disseminate research on management issues of manufacturing and operations systems. The primary aims of the Centre’s research are to develop a scientific understanding of manufacturing/operations systems, and to develop techniques and models for enhancing their productivity; and to integrate the manufacturing and operations function into corporate strategy.

The research projects undertaken by the Centre examine the concepts inherent in computer-integrated manufacturing, such as the integration of information technology with robotics; the use of programmable machine tools, material-handling systems, and CAD/CAM; and other manufacturing, planning, and control systems. The research examines the problems associated with the integration of these technologies for the purpose of providing flexibility to the production system. The managerial issues associated with the integration of technologies, and with the innovation, adoption of technologies, and concepts of total quality management are also examined. The Centre’s membership includes researchers from both business and engineering disciplines.

Co-Directors: Dr. Vinod Kumar and Dr. Aaron Nsakanda