The Minor in Entrepreneurship is designed for students pursuing a non-business degree program who have aspirations of launching their own business or an enterprise within an organization.

Hands-on learning is emphasized and you’ll have the opportunity to design and create your own business.

In this program, you’ll gain an understanding of the entrepreneurial process as well as develop the critical skills and expertise required for careers in entrepreneurship and small business management.

The practicum courses integrate students in the Minor in Entrepreneurship with students in the BCom Entrepreneurship concentration, allowing you to collaborate with students from other academic programs.

In addition to courses related to entrepreneurship and small business management, you will also take introductory courses in accounting, marketing and organizational behaviour.

Course Code Course Title
0.5 credits in:
BUSI 1003 Survey of Accounting
3.0 credits in:
BUSI 2121 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
BUSI 2204 Basic Marketing
BUSI 2800 Entrepreneurship
An overview of entrepreneurship with emphasis on idea generation and identification, business models, initial strategies and feasibility.
BUSI 3600 Entrepreneurial Strategies
Examine various entrepreneurial strategies related to different functional areas for new ventures and small business.
BUSI 3810 Business Development
Learn about business growth and expansion through financing activities and new customer acquisition.
BUSI 3820 Practicum in Business Design
Working in groups, apply the entrepreneurial concepts learned in previous course to design an entrepreneurial project and develop a business plan.
0.5 credits in:
BUSI 4810 Practicum in Business Creation (or an approved elective)
Experience entrepreneurship first-hand and implement the entrepreneurial project per the business plan developed in BUSI 3820.

Course Map for Minor in Entrepreneurship

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