This minor is designed to equip non-business students with the business and management skills to pursue careers in arts and culture, whether in institutions or as sole practitioners. Ottawa, with its world-class festivals and museums, its performing arts community housed in the National Arts Centre and the myriad of galleries and community based arts organizations provides an ideal learning environment for students interested in this field.

Students who meet the required course and elective requirements will receive a Minor in Arts Management designation on their transcript and diploma.

Eligibility for a Minor in Arts Management:

Only students pursuing undergraduate programs (except B.Com. and B.I.B) requiring at least 20.0 credits to graduate and who have completed at least 4.0 credits toward their degrees with a minimum overall GPA of 7.00 may be admitted to the Minor in Arts Management.

Course Code Course Title
3.5 credits in:
BUSI 1003 Survey of Accounting
BUSI 2121 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
BUSI 2204 Basic Marketing
BUSI 2503 Basic Finance for Non-Business Majors
BUSI 2800 Entrepreneurship
BUSI 4129 Managing the Arts
BUSI 4229 Marketing in the Arts and Culture Sectors
0.5 credits from:
 BUSI 1402 Introduction to Business Information and Communication Technologies
BUSI 2301 Introduction to Operations Management
BUSI 2400 Foundations of Information Systems
BUSI 3102 Introduction to Human Resources Management
BUSI 3104 Managing Individual Performance
BUSI 3105 Managing and Motivating Teams
BUSI 3106 Managing Conflict and Negotiation
BUSI 3117 Developing Creative Thinking
BUSI 3204 Marketing: New Tools and Approaches
BUSI 3205 Marketing Communications
BUSI 3810 Business Development
BUSI 3820 Practicum in Business Design
BUSI 4205 International Marketing
BUSI 4112 Organizational Leadership
0.5 credit from:
 ARTH 3705 Selected Museum Exhibition
ARTH 4705 Seminar: Selected Museum Exhibition
FILM 2101 The Film Industry
MUSI 3403 Music Industries
or an additional 0.5 credit BUSI from the list above.

Course Map for Minor in Arts Management

For more information, please consult Carleton University’s undergraduate calendar.

Program Information

  • Co-op Option: no

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