World-class business skills training, exclusively for Sprott students

Sprott competes is a comprehensive world-class business skills training program exclusively for Sprott students. As part of its commitment to producing outstanding leaders and decision-makers, the Sprott School of Business is proud to offer a program of case-based learning.

We offer a range of courses and extra-curricular activities, designed to give our students experience in real-world business analysis, decision-making and presentation. We also train and support teams of students to compete in a select number of academic case competitions around the world, across a range of business disciplines.

Sprott Competes Team

Case Competitions

Case competitions challenge students to work collaboratively to identify and tackle the issues raised by a real business situation, as described in a written case study.  Teams have a limited amount of time to review the history and data provided, analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and present strategic alternatives and recommendations to address the needs of the organization featured in the case.

Sprott Competes team member