Linda Schweitzer, PhD/05, is the interim dean of the Sprott School of Business. As a panelist she spoke about her career after graduation as an engineer and project manager, renovating heritage buildings. She went on to get her MBA at Concordia before pursing her PhD at Carleton University, as one of the first students in the new PhD business program.

“Your current job or your next job is not your career job. Your next job is just your next job. And what that leads into is the ‘love the one you’re with’ approach. You don’t have to love your job all of the time. You don’t have to love every job you had. But every job can provide you with something that you can take to the next job,” said Linda, who has co-authored an academic book on generational shifts in the workplace.

“If you can move on, move on. If not, find out what you can learn, how you can develop, who you can get to know in that job. That will build a platform for the next job no matter where it is. You can always learn something. Nobody loves everything about their job. Every job has not fun things in it, so don’t get down on the 10 per cent of your job that’s horrible. Everybody has that. Think about the 90 per cent and the 80 per cent that’s good.”

Her advice to young professionals is to be pro-active at work.

“Sometimes you have to ask to be challenged. Sometime you need to go and ask,” Linda expressed. “One thing I do hear about young people at work today is if they finish their work, they don’t come and ask for more. So if you’re bored and you haven’t tried not to be bored, then maybe you should give it a try as well.”


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