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Make an impact in the lives of Sprott students.

We are proud to launch an exciting new platform which allows Sprott students greater access to our growing network of business alumni worldwide.

The Sprott Alumni Advisor Network provides Sprott students with the opportunity to connect and seek career advice from Sprott alumni, while providing our graduates with a means to give back on their own time and in their area of expertise.

sprott alumni advisor network

Why should I join?

  • Give back in a meaningful way – Offer your time and talent to help the next generation of alumni get their start.
  • Easily, on your own time – Give back whenever and how often you want, on topics you know well. No obligations beyond responding to incoming requests.
  • With your privacy protected – We won’t share your contact info. Phone consultations happen through conference numbers and written messages are routed through the system.

How do I join?

  • Register – Create a professional bio (or import your LinkedIn profile), indicate your availability, and areas of expertise.
  • Get Discovered – Your profile will show up for Sprott students searching for your know-how.
  • Connect – Connect with students over the phone and/or in writing.

The Sprott Alumni Advisor Network allows you to give advice through the following ways:


Career Conversations



Resume Review

group of people

Mock Interviews

Create your profile now 


For questions about this initiative, please contact or read our FAQs