For Carleton University Bachelor of Commerce student Jake Cuthbert, local businesses are “the thread of our communities”, and as these threads are facing unprecedented burdens with COVID-19, he has founded and launched Lovin’ Local Headwaters to support them in his hometown region in Ontario.

Through his business, Jake is helping residents from the communities of Caledon, Erin, Mono, and, Orangeville – in the Headwaters region – shop from a range of local retailers. Shoppers can purchase, through the website, themed gift boxes containing a selection of products from related vendors – both of which are which are constantly being updated.

An example of Lovin' Local Headwaters' Mother's Day Box.

Lovin’ Local Headwaters prepares and sells gift boxes of locally-sourced products. Shown here: Mother’s Day Gift Box.

“For example, if we were to have a ‘Spa Box’ we would choose vendors to fit that theme. Vendors that supply soaps, creams, etc. would be considered a fit,” Jake said. “That way, we can support multiple vendors in our local area instead of a select few.”

With Mother’s Day having come around this past weekend, they introduced a box marking the occasion – containing lovely goodies such as body care products, tea, and chocolate – and it was immensely popular. They delivered over 70 gift boxes and supported 13 different businesses along the way.

“So far, it has been incredibly encouraging and heartwarming to see how our community has reacted to the initiative,” Jake added.

A picture of Jake Cuthbert and Kylie MacEachern holding up a "Lovin' Local Headwaters" Sign.

Lovin’ Local Headwaters co-founders Kylie MacEachern and Jake Cuthbert, Sprott Bachelor of Commerce student.

Lovin’ Local was set in motion after a conversation between Jake and his friend – and future business partner – Kylie MacEachern, on how to support their community and the businesses within. And a little inspiration from two similar initiatives: Local Box and Guelph Box, helped them along the way.

“We were amazed by how they brought their own communities together during this time,” Jake said. “We especially give a lot of kudos to the creators of Guelph Box, Josh Gray (another Sprott student) and Genevieve Sutherns, as they have inspired us to help our own Headwaters community.”

Jake then added why launching this business meant so much to him:

“Ever since I was young, I have played hockey for my hometown in Erin. Every year, we get numerous sponsorships that are more than generous to us. These sponsorships let kids play hockey who might not have had the opportunity to. For all the money and resources that our local businesses have provided, it is our time to give back in a stage where they need us more than ever.”

With economic uncertainty lingering on the horizon due to the pandemic, initiatives such as Jake’s go a long way not just by supporting small business, but with also reminding everyone that there is only one way of getting through these difficulties and troubles, together.

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