This summer, three new graduates are completing research internships at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business and working on projects under the supervision of Sprott faculty members. Their research will contribute to the body of knowledge in the areas of marketing, international business and finance.

Liam Hoselton (BIB/20), Minyu Kuang (BIB/20) and Katie Vanderby (BCom/20) were accepted to the Sprott Undergraduate Research Experience program. Through the 13-week internship, students are gaining hands-on experience and training in conducting research with Sprott faculty, while working on a specific research project.

Liam is examining the challenges of conducting research on the experience of vulnerable migrants under the supervision of Luciara Nardon, an associate professor of international business. This project builds on research he conducted during an internship in Summer 2018 on the experience of migrants and refugees from around the world.

A picture of Liam Hoselton.

Liam Hoselton graduated in 2020 from Sprott School of Business’ BIB program, and is now investigating the challenges of conducting research with vulnerable migrants under the supervision of Luciara Nardon.

“Currently we live at a point in history in which the number of migrants is globally greater than ever before,” he says. “With this growing trend towards the globalization of groups of people, it is important to understand and contribute to policy making decisions through research, so that we, as a society, are better equipped to integrate these individuals into our societies.”

Minyu, on the other hand, is working with Isaac Otchere – a professor of finance – and analyzing the consequences of enhanced managerial recognition.

A Picture of Minyu Kuang.

Minyu Kuang graduated from Sprott School of Business’ BIB program in the spring of 2020, and is now working to analyze the consequences of enhanced managerial recognition.

“I hope through our efforts we could successfully contribute to the literature on this topic. As this project is part of the new project Professor Isaac intends to submit to SSHRC in the near future, the proposal will benefit from this summer research because it will provide insight into the expected outcome.”

Katie is investigating changing consumer behaviour from fast fashion to second-hand consumption, with Leighann Neilson, an associate professor of marketing.

Picture of Katie Vanderby.

Katie Vanderby – a 2020 graduate of Sprott School of Business’ BCom program – is researching changing consumer behaviour from fast fashion to second-hand consumption over the summer under the supervision of Leighann Neilson.

“I love school, especially Carleton, and every aspect that comes with it, so I think this internship is a great chance for me to leverage my skills,” says Katie.

The internships, provided through the Sprott Undergraduate Summer Research Experience, are open to any business undergraduate student, including those who intend to graduate during the internship period. Successful applicants will receive a research stipend of $7,500. The research skills developed by students through the program helps prepare them for research graduate degree programs and applied research careers.

Stay tuned for updates on these summer research projects by Liam, Minyu and Katie.

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