This past weekend, a team of 46 undergraduate Sprott students competed in JDC Central (JDCC) at the University of Guelph. Sprott’s academic teams brought home first place in Accounting, third in Digital Strategy, and third in Entrepreneurship. Team captains, Harry Jay and Ty Murphy, won the Captains of the Year award and team volunteer, Yasin Kherani, won the Volunteer of the Year award. In the Sports category, Sprott came first in dodgeball, second in flag football, and won the Team Sportsmanship award.

The 2018-2019 Sprott JDCC Team photo

The Sprott JDCC 2019 Team

“This competition weekend is an experience unlike any other,” said Harry, Co-Captain of JDCC Sprott. “Nearly 500 bright-eyed, driven, and competitive business students from Central and Eastern Canada come together in one city in the hopes of going home with medals, trophies, and bragging rights.”

This year, 11 Canadian universities took part in JDCC, a three-day competition that evaluates academics, athletics, social spirit, and charity initiatives. JDCC is the largest undergraduate business school competition in Central Canada, which brings over 700 students together. From January 4 to 6, students participated in eight academic competitions, parliamentary-style debates, sports tournaments, and networking nights.

In the months leading up to the competition, Sprott students spent many long hours preparing for the biggest event of the year.

“Almost every Sunday morning or afternoon in the fall semester, our Academic and Debate teams gathered for weekly practices on campus,” said Ty, Co-Captain of JDCC Sprott. “Every Thursday, the Social team met for team building activities, creating costumes and characters that would be used at the competition. The Sports team had weekly intramurals and practices in the fieldhouse, or other athletic spaces.

We’re very proud of our team’s accomplishments. The students were hard working and dedicated, fitting many hours of practice into their busy schedules, and it paid off.”

JDCC 2019: Sprott Award Recipients

1st Accounting

Team members: Katelyne Clackett (3rd year BCom), Blake LeClair (3rd year BCom), and Luke Krolak (3rd year BCom)

3rd Digital Strategy

Team members: Aparna Ashokumar (4th year BIB), Ricky Grewal (3rd year BCom), and Thomas McWilliams (3rd year BCom)

3rd Entrepreneurship

Team members: Seamus O’Connell Smith (3rd year BCom), Liam Smith (3rd year BCom), and Eric Dumas (4th year BIB)

Captains of the Year

Harry Jay (4th year BCom) and Ty Murphy (4th year BCom)

Volunteer of the Year

Yasin Kherani (2nd year BCom)

1st Dodgeball

2nd Flag Football

Team Sportsmanship

Sports team members: Caedan Saulnier (3rd year BCom), Nick Lamot (4th year BCom), Ryan Farrell (3rd year BCom), James Best (3rd year BCom), Thomas Macintosh (2nd year BIB), Emily Buchkowsky (1st year BCom), Ellena Damini (1st year BCom), and Michelle Hill (3rd year BCom)

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