Master of Business Administration student Alex Bouchard hopes to take what she is learning in her MBA concerning sustainability and ethics, and develop ecological and cultural tourism in Canada to help people connect with the Canadian North.

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Sprott MBA student Alex Bouchard

Where is your hometown?
I’m from Haines Junction, in the Yukon.

What did you study before starting your MBA?
I have a Bachelor’s in Arts in Indigenous and First Nation Studies.

What attracted you to the Sprott School of Business MBA program?
Coming from Haines Junction, Yukon, our greatest challenge is in helping develop the community in a sustainable and equitable way. I’m pursuing a master’s in business administration from Sprott because it takes a holistic approach to business that includes sustainability and ethics, which I think will play a huge part in the upcoming years.

What do you hope to achieve during your time at Carleton?
While at Carleton, I want to learn as much a possible from my professors and classmates in the short time that we are here. My one goal before leaving Carleton is to gain confidence in my ability to manage people and organizations.

Where do you see yourself after graduation?
After I graduate from Carleton, I want to develop ecological and cultural tourism in Canada and help people connect with the Canadian North. I want to help visitors connect to the rich Canadian culture, the beautiful landscapes and incredible history in a sustainable way. I also one day want to run in my territorial election to be able to bring about tangible changes. I want to one day participate in politics and lead the north in creating a more sustainable future.

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