On June 10, we will celebrate the class of 2019 as our newest graduates cross the Carleton University Convocation stage to receive their degrees. To make this special occasion, we’ve asked some of our grads to reflect on their time in the Sprott School of Business.

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Qi Deng, PhD/19

Qi Deng is graduating from the PhD in Management.

If you could choose one word to sum up your time at Sprott, what is it and why?


As an international student, the experience at Sprott was brand new and exciting to me. It not only developed my profession, but also shaped my personality. I really enjoyed the time that I spent at Sprott. It will be an unforgettable experience in my life.

What were your goals when you started at Sprott? Did you achieve them?

When I started at Sprott, my goal was to obtain a doctoral degree and better prepare myself for an academic career. Over the last few years, I had the opportunity to learn so much from the brilliant people at Sprott. I do believe that after years of learning and training, I am ready to start my academic career.

What is your favourite Sprott memory?

My favourite Sprott memory would be teaching the fourth year undergraduate course because that was the first time that I strongly felt what I have learned can really make an impact.

What was your favourite course or professor?

There are many courses that I really enjoyed. If I had to pick one, that would be the Seminar in Marketing that I took with Dr. Leighann Neilson. As a quantitative positivist, that qualitative interpretivism-focused course was eye-opening and redefined the meaning of ‘research’ to me. Although it was five years ago, I can still remember that every two weeks, my colleagues and I (and, of course, Prof. Neilson), went to the auction market to make the observation notes. It was amazing. I learned a lot and, more importantly, I met many good friends.

What was the most important lesson you learned during your time at Sprott?

Accept yourself. I learned this valuable lesson from my supervisor, Dr. Shaobo Ji, when we were hiking in Gatineau Park. Among all the lessons I have learned from Prof. Ji, this is the one that helped me become who I am today.

What will you miss the most?

I will miss the people here the most. The supportive professors, lovely faculty members, and fun friends.

What’s next for you?

I will be starting work as an Assistant Professor at Rowe School of Business at Dalhousie University.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the Sprott community?

Sprott is a great place to equip you with knowledge and prepare you for future challenges, but please remember, what finally shapes you is the interaction that happens between you and Sprott as a whole. So, cherish the time when you’re here as it goes so fast. Lastly, Go Ravens Go!

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