It’s little surprise that many incidents of sexual harassment happen in the workplace – whether those are film sets, office buildings, the House of Commons or an RCMP detachment.

Assistant Prof. Angela Dionisi of Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business has been closely tracking the #MeToo movement and her focus on workplace sexual harassment has led her to some unsettling insights.

The numbers themselves are disquieting. Recent Abacus survey findings made a strong case for Canadian workplaces as crucibles of power imbalances.

Twelve per cent of survey respondents reported that sexual harassment of women was “quite common” in their workplaces and another 44 per cent said it was infrequent but did happen. These perceptions were shared almost equally by men and women respondents.

Yet Dionisi thinks the problem is even bigger.

Read the full story in the Carleton Newsroom.

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