Devin Fraser, Alex Samaroo and Michael Chiumera

Top one per cent in Canada – Devin Fraser (BCom/17, MAcc/18), Alex Samaroo (MAcc/18) and Michael Chiumera (BCom/17, MAcc/18) earned a place on CPA’s National Honour Roll for their perfomance in the 2018 Common Final Exam.

Three Sprott Master of Accounting (MAcc) graduates have landed a spot on the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) National Honour Roll, placing them in the top one per cent of over 6,000 successful writers of the CPA Common Final Exam (CFE).

In September 2018, 45 MAcc graduates successfully wrote the Common Final Exam (CFE), a three-day examination requiring candidates to demonstrate depth and breadth of competency development in accordance with the CPA Competency Map. Of those students, three finished in the top 68 in the country achieving a place on the CFE Honour Roll: Alex Samaroo (MAcc/18), Devin Fraser (MAcc/18), and Michael Chiumera (MAcc/18).

The CFE is one of the last steps toward the achievement of the CPA designation. The exam not only includes important disciplines like accounting, finance, governance, strategy, and assurance, but also evaluates professional skills such as critical analysis, decision-making, and professional judgement.

Alex Samaroo, who is a staff accountant at Collins Barrow LLP, said that the MAcc program’s case-based courses were very helpful in preparing for the CFE.

“My experience in the MAcc was excellent,” said Alex. “All of the courses and the professors were knowledgeable and helpful with my studies. The courses in the MAcc were case oriented, which is the best way to study for the CFE given that it is case-based exam. Overall, I’d recommend the MAcc to anyone who is looking to pursue their CPA.”

Devin Fraser, who also holds a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) from Sprott and is a senior associate in forensic services for PwC Canada, highlighted the main advantage of Sprott’s MAcc program as being taught by experienced instructors.

“The MAcc is an intensive program designed to simultaneously increase your technical knowledge, and learn how to apply it on case-based CFE simulations,” said Devin. “The primary advantage of the MAcc is being taught by instructors who have experience marking the CFE. This program provided me the opportunity to study alongside some incredibly intelligent people and grow my network of future CPAs.”

Michael Chiumera, a Sprott BCom grad and senior staff accountant at Collins Barrow LLP, praised Sprott’s MAcc program and stated that he was less nervous for the actual exam, knowing how prepared he was.

“I really enjoyed being able to study in small class sizes, as it provided an opportunity to get to know and work with other dedicated students during one of the most challenging periods of our academic and professional careers,” said Michael. “The MAcc provided all the tools I could ever hope for in preparing for this exam. Knowing this really helped calm the nerves and gave us the confidence we needed on exam day.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to complete the MAcc program at Carleton. The knowledge and experience gained was the key to my success on the CFE, and has provided a solid foundation for my professional career.”

“This is a first for the MAcc program”, said Jacques Maurice, director of the Master of Accounting program at Sprott. “It would have been exciting to have one student on the Honour roll, but three is just amazing. Congratulations to our graduates on their outstanding achievements.”

The Sprott School of Business Master of Accounting is a rigorous program that provides a gateway to a career as a professional accountant. Accredited by CPA Ontario, MAcc graduates are exempt from the CPA Professional Education Program and can proceed directly to the Common Final Exam. Learn more about the Master of Accounting program.

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