Looking for an elective? Business courses can complement student’s studies in any discipline and could be the first step into considering a minor!

The Sprott School of Business has opened a  number of business courses in the  2017/18 Fall and Winter terms to all Carleton undergraduate students. Students enrolled in degree programs outside of business can take courses from a number of core business areas that include accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, marketing and business information and communication technologies.

Full list of business courses open to all students:

Please refer to the academic calendar for course descriptions. All courses listed are 0.5 credit.

Course & Title


BUSI 1001

Principles of Financial Accounting


BUSI 1002

Management Accounting

·  BUSI 1001

BUSI 1003

Survey of Accounting


BUSI 1402

Introduction to Business Information and Communication Technologies

BUSI 2121

Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

·  2nd yr standing

BUSI 2204

Basic Marketing


BUSI 2503

Introduction to Finance

·  2nd yr standing

BUSI 2601

Business Law


BUSI 2701 (sections A&D only)

Fundamentals of International Business


BUSI 2800


·  2nd yr standing

BUSI 3117

Creative Thinking


BUSI 3600

Entrepreneurial Strategies

·  BUSI 2800 with min C- grade


BUSI 3611
Managing the Family Enterprise


·  3rd year standing

·  And BUSI1005 or BUSI 1002

·  And BUSI 2101 or BUSI 2121 or BUSI 2702

BUSI 3629

Corporate Governance & Strategy

·  BUSI 1001 and BUSI 1002


BUSI 3810

Business Development

·  BUSI 2800 with min C-  grade

BUSI 3820

Practicum in Business Design

·  3rd year standing

·  And BUSI 2800 with min C- grade

BUSI 4129

Managing the Arts

·  3rd yr standing

BUSI 4229

Marketing in the Arts and Culture Sectors

·  3rd year standing

·  BUSI 2208 or 2204 with min C grade

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